Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Hudson — IMF Austerity for Prosperity: How sovereignty has been surrendered

Hudson – IMF Austerity for Prosperity: How sovereignty has been surrendered, what economics should be looking at and China’s dollar surplus conundrum – isolationism the answer? Music by Lucky Dragon


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Source: 3CR Renegade Economists
Aired: 06/23/10 12:00 AM

Richard C. Cook — "Monetary Crisis and Solutions" (WTPRN Tue., June 3, 2008)

Richard Cook is a former federal government analyst who was one of the key figures in the investigation of the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

In 1985, he went to work for NASA as the lead resource analyst for the space shuttle solid rocket boosters, external tank, and Centaur upper stage. Cook’s first assignment led to his writing a memo on engineers’ concerns that flaws with the solid rocket booster O-ring seals could cause the shuttle to blow up. In 1986, after the Challenger disaster, he disrupted a NASA cover-up when he provided his memo, along with other documents on the hazards of the O-rings, to the New York Times. His disclosures paved the way for revelations by engineers from Morton Thiokol, Inc., about how they opposed the launch of Challenger the night before lift-off.

Called to testify before the Presidential Commission at an internationally televised public hearing, Cook stood his ground when his experience and competence were challenged. He continued to contribute to the investigation during interviews with Commission staff and the NASA Office of Inspector General and in meetings with Senator Ernest Hollings, who was trying to raise issues before the Senate on whether there had been White House pressure to launch Challenger.

In addition to extensive interviews with the media after the disaster, Cook published articles in the Washington Post, Washington Monthly, Space and Security News, and the Houston Post; gave a press conference with the Institute of Space and Security Studies, where he said that the Presidential Commission had been created to cover-up the role of the White House in the launch decision; and wrote a report which he submitted to the U.S. Justice Department with a request for a new investigation. In 1991, he was the recipient of the Cavallo Foundation Award for Moral Courage in Business and Government, sharing the award with Roger Boisjoly of Morton Thiokol.

Before joining NASA, Cook worked as an analyst for the U.S. Civil Service Commission, where he received extensive training in federal government operations. He then worked for the Food and Drug Administration and next served in the Jimmy Carter White House under Esther Peterson, special assistant to the president for consumer affairs. He also taught history at the Field School, a private high school in Washington, D.C.

Cook left NASA to become an analyst with the U.S. Treasury Department in 1986. There he developed and taught training courses on policy analysis and led project teams on financial policy and organizational restructuring. He authored Challenger Revealed- An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age in 2006. He retired from the federal government in January 2007 and works today as a writer, lecturer, and consultant. His website is

Cook graduated with honors from the College of William and Mary, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He resides in College Park, Maryland.

One of his areas of interest has been the monetary system and he has written a series of articles about the current financial crisis including- Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A., Has the Battle for America Begun?, and An Emergency Program of Monetary Reform for the United States.

He spoke recently on Will We See the End of the Empire in Our Time? at the Building a New World Conference". His forthcoming book is entitled We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform and he can be contacted regarding the book at

Richard spoke about the current crisis we're in, particularly what is not reported in the press or widely understood by the public about money creation, debt, and credit and the financial shenanigans that are impoverishing the country. He also oferred his ideas for monetary reform, including the abolition of the Federal Reserve, national control over the creation of credit and a citizen's dividend.


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Aired: 6/03/08 12:00 AM

Ellen Brown — "Monetary Crisis and Solutions" (WTPRN Tue., June 3, 2008)

Ellen Brown developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In The Web of Debt- The Shocking Truth About Our Money System And How We Can Break Free, her latest book, she turns those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and "the money trust." She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back.

Brown developed an interest in the developing world and its problems while living abroad for eleven years in Kenya, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. She returned to practicing law when she was asked to join the legal team of a popular Tijuana healer with an innovative cancer therapy, who was targeted by the chemotherapy industry in the 1990s. That experience produced her book Forbidden Medicine, which traces the suppression of natural health treatments to the same corrupting influences that have captured the money system. her recent articles include: The Secret Bailout of J. P. Morgan: How Insider Trading Looted Bear Stearns and the American Taxpayer and Credit Default Swaps: Evolving Financial Meltdown and Derivative Disaster Du Jour.

Ellen also attended and was energized by the Building a New World Conference" and full of ideas on what we could do- including starting our own bank! Her understanding of the Constitution, history, the frauds and crimes committed by the banks and the officials assisting them in their looting activities are enormous and inspiring. There are huge numbers of people that could be educated and organized to stand up for their rights, their homes, at this moment in time. Despite the direness of the situation, reform is long overdue and the situation is bad enough so that people are unlikely to tolerate a blatantly bad system, if introduced to a betterone that would serve (rather than fleece) their communities and their country. More people are waking up and organizing and Ellen remained hopeful and optimistic. Do check out her excellent book, and articles!


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Aired: 6/03/08 12:00 AM

Catherine Austin Fitts — The Progressive Radio News Hour - 06/24/10

Catherine Austin Fitts is an investment advisor, entrepreneur, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner under GHW Bush, and former Managing Director and board member of the Wall Street firm, Dillon Read & Co., Inc.

She's now editor of and runs Solari, Inc. as an "online media company focused on ethical investment and preserving family wealth. Long ago, (she promised never again to) act against the best interests (of her) own people (and do her best) to leave a better world for generations to come."

Her latest economic and global views will be discussed.


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Aired: 6/21/10 12:00 AM

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ellen Brown — The Progressive Radio News Hour - 06/20/10

Ellen Brown is a civil litigation attorney, author, and frequent writer on financial issues. A new edition of her latest book, "Web of Debt," is now out - a vitally important analysis of the private banking cartel Federal Reserve, how it usurped money creation power, and how we can take it back.

The Daily Bell "Compendium of Free-Market Thought" says "in modern economic thought (there are now) Keynsians, Austrians and Brownians."

Brown's latest writing will be discussed.


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Friday, June 18, 2010

Michael Hudson — Europe's Financial Class War Against Labor, Industry and Government on Guns and Butter

"Europe's Financial Class War Against Labor, Industry and Government" with Dr. Michael Hudson. Economic crisis in Europe created by predatory lending; European Central Bank stranglehold on the Eurozone; the Euro; foreign banks decimate Greece's social structure; Marx's industrial capital versus fictitious capital; Latvia as a model for the rest of Europe; Hudson's financial and fiscal plan for Latvia; the Cold War and its ruinous effect on progressive economic thought.


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Aired: 6/16/10 12:00 AM

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ellen Brown — "The Financial Hijacking of America" on Guns and Butter (June 9, 2010)

"The Financial Hijacking of America" with author, Ellen Brown. Brief history of banking; two ways to create money, either publicly or privately; credit creates money and debt; the Federal Reserve; bubbles and crashes; market manipulation; recent changes in banking and accounting rules; securitization; Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; the need for state owned banks.

Guns and Butter, for June 9, 2010 - 1:00pm


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