Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ellen Brown — Global Research News hour (THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2009)

GUEST :Ellen Brown is a civil litigation attorney, author, and frequent writer on financial topics. Her latest book is titled "Web of Debt," a vital analysis of the private banking cartel Federal Reserve, how it usurped money creation power, how we can get it back, and much more.

She also wrote 10 books on natural health, forbidden medicine, and her bestselling "Nature's Pharmacy," co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker.

On July 30, discussion will focus on Brown's latest financial writing. On July 31, conventional v. natural health practices will be covered, given the threat of dangerous, toxic Swine Flu vaccinations being globally mandated.


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Source: Republic Broadcasting Network
Aired: 7/30/09 12:00 AM

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Richard Wolff — Global Research News hour (TUESDAY, JULY 7, 2009)

GUEST:Richard Wolff is Economics Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, now teaching in Manhattan at the New School University and Brecht Forum. He also writes, lectures, and makes documentaries on the global economic crisis with a new film just out.

For over 40 years, Wolff has been well known for his work on Marxian economics, economic methodology, and class analysis. His new film and views on the current economic crisis will be discussed.


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Source: Republic Broadcasting Network
Aired: 7/7/09 12:00 AM

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tom Greco demystifies money and banking and explains the destructive power of the current financial system. He challenges us to recognize that our dreams of a sane, just and ecologically sound future can become reality only if we change the way in which money is created and used.

Tom Greco was recorded at the beginning of his lecture tour for his most recent book: THE END OF MONEY AND THE FUTURE OF CIVILIZATION. A former engineer and college professor, Greco has written on monetary and financial innovation for over 30 years. Earlier books include: New Money for Healthy Communities and Money and Debt, A Solution to the Global Crisis. His


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Aired: 7/1/09 12:00 AM

Michael Hudson — Global Research News hour (WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 2009)

GUEST: Michael Hudson has had a long, varied, and distinguished career as a Wall Street insider, leading economist, expert on financial history, and Research Professor at the University of Missouri. He's also an author, consultant, head of a Harvard-based economic and financial history group, and president of the Institute for the Study of Long Term Economic Trends (INSLET).

In 1972, Hudson's important book "Super Imperialism" was published. It was updated in a 2003 edition that's every bit as relevant now. His book and mid-June article will be discussed, "De-Dollarization: Dismantling America's Financial-Military Empire."


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Source: Republic Broadcasting Network
Aired: 7/1/09 12:00 AM